World Athletics Database as a CSV File


Thomas Camminady


July 4, 2023

1 About

Some 400k athlete performances for various events scraped from World Athletics.

The data contains information about a variety of outdoor track and field events, as well as road running and walking events. World Athletics collects performances on the elite level. Results are measured in time or distance units; or points (for e.g. the decathlon). For example, running events have their results measured in hours/minutes/seconds, whereas the long and high jump have their results measured in meters. For some spring and jumping events, there are measurements of the wind reading.

1.1 Get the data

Copy the code below to download the full data set.

import pandas as pd
root = ""
path = "world-athletics-database/main/data/data.csv"
pd.read_csv(root+path, delimiter=";", parse_dates=True)

Or find the source code on Github.

1.2 Development

First, clone the repository and navigate to the project directory. Then, install the necessary dependencies:

make init

Next, you can parse and post-process the data:

poetry run python world_athletics_database/
poetry run python world_athletics_database/

Note: Parsing the data may take up to 20 minutes.